Titanium watches: Advantages and disadvantages

Titanium watches enjoy great popularity alongside watches made of steel (such as 316L stainless steel). Therefore, it is not surprising that numerous watch manufacturers have, for example, diving watches or chronographs made of this material in their collection. This article will therefore take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of wristwatches made [...]

GMT watches and GMT function explained in an understandable way

GMT watches are not only popular with frequent flyers and globetrotters, but also with people who have a lot to do with colleagues in other time zones due to their work. But what does GMT actually mean and how did the GMT function come to be built into watches? What are the characteristics of [...]

Voting on the new titanium dive watch

Voting on our new 500 meter titanium dive watch has ended. In good Circula tradition, we involved hundreds of watch fans again in the development of our new titanium diving watch. As before with the creation of the AquaSport, SuperSport and ProTrail, we are turning the variants with the most votes into reality, which [...]

Anti-magnetic watches: Effective protection from magnetic fields

It is clear that magnets and mechanical watches are not a good combination. Nobody would think of holding a magnet to an automatic watch. Nevertheless, the fact is that magnetism is one of the most common reasons why an automatic watch runs too fast, runs slow or stops completely. One solution to this problem [...]

ProTrail Co-creation

WHAT IS THE NEW CIRCULA PROTRAIL? As a 3rd generation family business, Circula stands for high-quality mechanical watches with an independent design. In that line, the new field watch will be a unique and robust watch, combining modern as well as classic elements. As special features, it will be anti-magnetic up to 80,000 A/m [...]

DLC coating: Elegant, robust and environmentally friendly

Black watches look chic, but are usually very sensitive and prone to scratches. But since a watch is an everyday object, it should be as robust as possible so that its wearer can enjoy it for a long time. Watches can be made more resistant using various coating processes. An increasingly popular protective coating [...]

Watch bezel: functions and types simply explained

Bezels not only look chic on watches, but they also have very special functions. In the case of the diver's watch, the bezel used to be of vital importance! This article is about what a bezel is and what functions and special features the bezels of the different watch types have. What is the [...]

Supersport – Co-Creation

THANK YOU FOR OVER 4.500 VOTES IN THE CO-CREATION OF THE NEW CIRCULA SUPERSPORT WHAT IS THE NEW CIRCULA SUPERSPORT? As a 3rd generation family business, we stand for high-quality mechanical watches with an authentic retro design. In that line, the new SuperSport will be a Super-Compressor diving [...]

Sellita SW200-1: A top class Swiss movement

Just like the Japanese Miyota 9015, the Swiss Sellita SW200-1 is also a popular alternative for the now very rare ETA 2824-2 movement. ETA, a subsidiary of the Swatch Group, announced in 2003 in consultation with the Swiss Competition Commission WeKo that in future only its own Swatch Group brands and smaller manufacturers would [...]

Super-Compressor-Watch – Renaissance of an almost forgotten technology

A diver's watch that looks sporty, is waterproof up to 180 m and becomes better sealed the deeper you dive? That sounded utopian a good 70 years ago! But such watches actually existed back then. We are talking about so-called super-compressor watches, which were very popular from the 50s to 70s and are still [...]