What experts say
about our watches

What experts say about our watches

Heritage Automatic

„If you are looking for a dress watch with an authentic history and a 100% Made in Germany movement, which you will not find every day, you’ll make the right choice with the Circula Heritage.”

– Chrononautix, Germany No.1 watch blog –

[In German]

„The Circula Heritage models are characterized by classic lines, high-quality workmanship, works with a historical reference and high wearing comfort.”

– WatchMaxe Watch Reviews –

“I find this NOS movement romantic. It is just really cool to have this movement in a modern case.”

– What’s on the Wrist –

„To sum it up, I think that this Circula Heritage Automatic will bring real joy to its buyers because in addition to its manufacturing qualities and the materials used, it is a watch that has a brand identity and a timeless design.”

– Affordable Watches –

„So all things considered, a lovely movement with an exciting backstory attached to its rebirth. But what about the rest of the watch? Thankfully Circula haven’t cut corners in other areas. The watch as a whole is a fantastically finished piece.”

– Watch It All About –

„Being my first encounter with any of their watches, Circula has made my love for German watchmaking even greater. To see a brand going an extra length to create something extraordinary, warms a cold heart and simple soul from the north.”

– A Chicken Wrists Delight –

„In summary I find this watch to be an excellent performer of very high quality that has to be examined carefully to see it’s true inner qualities.”

– Microbrand Watch World –

“It is staggering they can turn a near half century old component into something that can compete with any of today’s automatic watches.”

– Wrist Watch Pro –

„The Circula Heritage Automatic starts at €890, considering the bespoke in-house movement and effort that has gone into restoring these old movements, I feel it is quite fair.”

– WatchReviewBlog –

„I like what I see that they’ve done with their heritage and NOS movements, and cannot wait to see what’s next in their journey.”

– Wrist Watch Review –

Heritage Hand-Wound

„In addition to the high quality, wearing the watch also brings joy: the elegant look contributes to this, the flat housing in perfect size makes the watch the ideal everyday companion.”

– Watchthusiast, Top 3 Uhrenblog in Deutschland –

[In German]

„The surcharge [for the P.U.W. Movement] you pay is significantly less than the amount this watch would cost with a modern movement. I don’t want to go so far as to say that this watch is inexpensive but definitely adequate.”

– Samuel von Zeitgeist –

[In German]

„The feel of the movement is just WOW. It is super smooth to wind and the value is absolutely visible”

– Caseback Watches, Top 3 Uhrenvlog in Deutschland –

„I believe these Circula Heritage series with either handwound or automatic movement are an excellent value proposition”

– Take Time, w/Patrick Marlett –

„They deserve credit for trying something just a bit different, and also for being resourceful and finding a way to make use of these old movements, a legitimate piece of German watchmaking history.”

– Worn & Wound –

„The Circula Heritage Hand-wound is a charming piece of mid-century modernism made all the better by its reborn, home-grown movement.”

– The Time Bum –

„The Circula Heritage has this quality of surprising with little details and secrets that probably only the owner will know, like the origin of the movement, or the shape of the crown.”

– WatchPaper –

Classic Automatic

„You can tell from the entire watch that someone was at work here with a feel for quality and retro watches. The “Made in Germany” has is absolutely justified – and not just formally.”

– Zeigr, Top 3 watch blog in Germany –

[In German]

„With the Classic, Circula offers really inexpensive watches at an above-average level that can inspire both collectors and beginners.”

– WatchMaxe Watch Reviews –

„The case is very nicely finished and feels super solid. The accuracy is also very good. Everything is really spot on!”

– Watch Addiction Reviews –

„If you consider the style and reliability of the watch’s movement, you can say that the Circula Classic Automatic is a great steal and overall a great addition to your collection.”

– Watchdig –

„I think this will be a good brand to keep an eye on over the coming months and years. They have a history that they can draw on with a strong family connection, an aspiration to produce quality watches and a desire to do something different from the norm.”

– Mr. C. MoJo –

„The quality of the surfaces and the small details make the watch brilliant and close to perfection on the wrist.”

– Bitácora de Javier Gutiérrez Chamorro –

[In Spanish]