Today they stand for vintage and retro like no other period. The Fifties were a time of change, in living as well as product design. Increasing wealth allowed people to strive for happiness and satisfaction, which was expressed in a colorful and harmonious style. Round, bulbous and swinging forms were fashionable. The goal was to preserve traditions, but at the same time try and realize modern developments and trends. The result was a blending of old and new style elements into a unique mix of design, reflecting and shaping the feeling of the Fifties simultaneously.

In men’s fashion, elegant suits dominated the professional appearance. For leisure and sports, it was already possible to dress more casual and thus wearing a shirt with a slipover was acceptable. Women followed the style of the French fashion designers, of which especially Christian Dior had a great influence at the time. Classic, slim fit costumes or tight skirts were predominant on the streets. The intention was to contrast the elegant professional fashion with casual, but stylish clothing for leisure.


Minimalistic design of watches

The watch design of the 50s was elegant, simple and focused on the essential, a good readability of time. The minimalistic designed dials were domed to hide the height of the movements. This trick, in combination with domed glasses, allowed to build flatter cases. Along with this, elaborately bent hands were often used to allow for less distance between glass and dial. To this day, the curvature gives this watches an unique, special character. Great design classics were born in this epoch which are very popular with collectors and realize astronomical prices as today’s vintage watches.


Circula takes up the tradition of the 50s with timeless retro watches

The Heritage Collection of Circula takes up this unique vintage design of stylish and traditionally built timepieces. The retro wristwatches use the domed dial and double-domed glass as a deliberate design element and as homage to the first Circula from 1955. The design classics are available in great Swiss Made quality on, for affordable prices starting at 199 Euro.