Founder Heinz Huber grew up surrounded by watches in the family’s watch wholesale Huber & Co, founded in 1926. The ‘Fabulous Fifties’ was a time of awakening (Read more in the article ‘The style of the 50s’. Heinz Huber was in the midst of it and founded a watch brand in 1955 in Pforzheim, the center of the German watch and jewelry industry in the Black Forest. He named Circula after the circulating of the balance in mechanical movements.

Today as then, our goal is to create fine, precise watches, in high quality at fair prices.

Vintage inspired, retro watch in elegant, minimalistic design


After a period of inactivity, Cornelius Huber, grandson of the founder, revived Circula in 2018 to build on this heritage and follow his passion. He, just like his grandfather, grew up in the watch wholesale of the family. After a successful start with quartz watches, we are now again producing first-class mechanical masterpieces. In homage to the founder and the brand name, a balance wheel is embossed on the crown. All watches are made by hand in Pforzheim and in the Heritage collection even the mechanical movements come entirely from Germany (more in In-house NOS movements).