Vintage inspired, retro watch in elegant, minimalistic design


For more than 60 years, we have been producing high-quality mechanical tool watches in Pforzheim, one of Germany’s oldest horological centers. We use time-tested watchmaking techniques and quality materials to make reliable and precise instruments that look like no other. We offer a personalized experience and routinely invite you, our supporters, to partake in the design process of our watches.

Family-owned since 1955

Horology runs deep within our family. It all started in 1926 in Pforzheim when we created and managed a watch and jewelry wholesale store called Huber & Co. Amongst other things, we would sell watches from multiple brands, an experience through which we learned about quality watchmaking and understood what mattered the most to watch collectors. Under the watchful eye of Heinz Huber—the grandfather of the current owner, Cornelius Huber—the brand Circula was born. Heinz Huber wanted to design and manufacture his own watches, with high quality and fair pricing, to offer an honest product. A dream that came true in 1955. Proud of our legacy and reputation, we feel privileged to continue making watches that look like no other and can become collectors’ favorites.

Three Generations of Watch Enthusiasts

The name Circula comes from the circular movements accomplished by the wheels in the movement of a mechanical watch. In a sense, it also constitutes the perfect analogy for who we are: people who are passionate about watches—more specifically, purpose-built tool watches—a passion that has continued throughout the better part of the past three generations. Since 2018, Cornelius Huber has been at the helm of the brand and has infused a new energy into Circula. He has preserved its core design and quality principles while confidently preparing the brand for the second half of the 21st century.

We Make Precise Watches That Last

We take our job of making genuine tool watches seriously. Over the past 60+ years, we have created a network of manufacturing partners who prioritize quality and precision just like we do. Our shared values make it possible to manufacture high-quality watches that we know will survive the test of time. In a sense, we are a big family that focuses on making accurate watches you can rely on and which we can easily service. That is why we work meticulously to design each part of each model and to find the best manufacturers for every component that make up the watch. Our expert watchmakers inspect each part before assembling the watches to make sure they are flawless—if not, they remove them. We regulate and test the movements and the watches’ water resistance in-house before shipping them to you. Our goal is for you to receive a tool watch that works perfectly.

Great Watches Made of the Best Components

While our watches are Made in Germany, we only use quality Swiss movements from Sellita because they are accurate, reliable, and easy to service. We choose 316L stainless steel and grade 2 titanium for our cases, and each component from the metal movement holders to the gaskets, hands, and crystals, offer an outstanding quality for a reasonable price. Since quality tool watches have been our passion for over 60 years, we know what we have to do, to create reliable watches that we are proud to wear ourselves.

Inspiration from the Past and for the Future

Since 2018, we have taken a dual approach to designing our collections. On the one hand, we get inspired by models from our past catalogs. This is best exemplified looking at the Aquasport and AquaSport GMT which are reminiscent of Circula divers from the 1970s. On the other hand, we reinvent classical designs in a unique way, and made for today. This makes it possible to preserve what has been setting Circula apart from many other brands in the past 60 years. Good examples for this approach are the SuperSport, our true compressor-style dive watch, the DiveSport Titanium, our 500m titanium diver and the ProTrail, our anti-magnetic and scratch-resistant field watch.

How We Keep Each Our Watches Reasonably Priced

Deciding how much to sell our watches for has always been a tricky process. Quality horology typically begets a higher price tag since the parts we use are of higher quality and therefore are expensive to manufacture. As watch enthusiasts ourselves, it is however important to us that quality tool watches can be accessible. Still, we don’t cut corners, and spend a tremendous amount of time finding the best equilibrium between quality, unique design, and price.

The Future of Circula

Our plan is to be around for as long as we know we can make great watches, and for that we have plenty of ideas. To realize those, we are aiming for the perfect balance between making quality watches that don’t cost too much, that remain unique in the way they look and in the type of horological experiences they provide. Given that we spend several months designing and prototyping each new model, we are virtually always working on something new. Be the first one to know what we are up to by signing up to our newsletter.