Watchmaker in Pforzheim – service and revision of your mechanical watch

From time to time, you may need to have your mechanical watch returned to a watchmaker for a revision – for example, if over the years the finest particles have settled in the watch mechanism that affect the mechanics.

One indication that a mechanical watch has to be revised is that the accuracy is getting worse. You can measure the accuracy by using your smartphone or a radio clock (reference time), for example: First set your mechanical watch exactly to the reference time. Make sure that your mechanical watch is fully wound. After about 24 hours, compare the reference time again with that of your mechanical watch. If the deviation is very large, a revision may be necessary.

There is no fixed revision interval, since it depends very much on personal wearing behavior and, of course, on the movement itself, how often a revision is due. As a rule of thumb, you can say that a mechanical watch has to be revised every 3 to 7 years.

Watch service and revision: This is what our watchmaker in Pforzheim does

Our watchmaker in Pforzheim first checks the accuracy deviation and the amplitude of your mechanical watch on a professional timing machine.

The amplitude in particular gives good information about the condition of your watch: It is the so-called vibration range, i.e. the maximum angle of rotation of the balance wheel between the equilibrium position and the reversal point of the vibration.

The amplitude values of mechanical clockworks are usually around 250° to 300°. This value gradually decreases as the degree of pollution increases. The reason: The force from the barrel can no longer be optimally transmitted to the vibration system due to the contamination. This results in increased friction between the moving parts of the movement.

After checking the accuracy and amplitude on the timing machine, our watchmaker in Pforzheim carefully dismantles the movement and disassembles it into all its individual parts. If he determines that a part of the movement has a high degree of wear, this will of course be replaced.

All parts of the movement as well as the case and possibly the stainless steel bracelet are then cleaned of dirt in an ultrasonic cleaner. When reassembling the movement, the moving parts are oiled with a modern watch oil that is very durable, does not resinify and thus ensures smooth mechanics. After the movement is back in the case, it is regulated again.

Cost of revising your Circula at our watchmaker in Pforzheim

Our watchmaker completed his training at the Pforzheimer Uhren-Rohwerke GmbH (P.U.W.) and knows the ‘New Old Stock’ in-house calibers of our Heritage Collection inside out.

The cost of the revision service for three-hand watches from Circula at our watchmaker in Pforzheim is 249,- EUR excl. VAT, including professional cleaning of the case and a steel strap as well as return shipping.

Write to us at with the subject ‘revision’ and our watchmaker will be happy to send you further details.